On Sunday the 13th of February 2022, seven Christians met and decided to form the very first “Awake Church” in the world.  It was decided that we will meet every two weeks to begin with.

Our meetings have currently been suspended, and we are holding prayer meetings only

We believe we are in the biggest fight of our times, if not the biggest in world history.  We further believe we cannot fight this alone without God’s help.  We seek to minister to and build up those who would stand for freedom and truth in these dark times.

Many Christians have been left without a Church to worship in as they cannot comply with the requirements for worship or simply cannot stomach their normal Church being complicit in the dark deceit and war being waged against our people. This Church will be very different from other Churches and will welcome everyone to attend, regardless of race, colour or vaccination status and will require no identification or any other personal information.

If you have any questions or require any further information, please click on the email link below.